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Preparing Jewish girls for adulthood

Bat Mitzva Club

Do you have a daughter becoming Bat Mitzvah soon? Or has she turned Bat Mitzvah already and you still have not celebrated because you don’t know what to do? Have you celebrated with a party but would like a more meaningful way to celebrate? If you are not sure as to what preparations to make, or how to make this event a meaningful one in your daughter’s life, then 'Bat Mitzva Club' is the greatest gift you can give your daughter!

This club was created to provide Jewish girls with a stimulating and enriching religious and cultural experience as they approach their Bat Mitzvah birthday. Girls of this age generally express heightened interest towards discovering more about themselves and the world around them. This club endeavors to challenge its members as they undergo profound physical, emotional and intellectual changes. Reaching beyond the common concept of a Bat Mitzvah being a Bar Mitzvah for girls, the club serves as a forum for discussion and discovery of the true meaning of Bat Mitzvah.


As they share interests, goals, and experiences, club members will also develop a sense of unity and friendship with other Jewish girls their age. Together these girls will learn to face the future as committed, knowledgeable, confident Jewish women who are proud of their unique identities. The club will help young Jewish girls develop into a new generation of leaders and active participants in the Jewish community. The Bat Mitzvah Club truly represents a worthwhile investment of your daughter’s extracurricular time.

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A few words about our special program!

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Our Curriculum is a thought through, comprehensive learning system that will further your child's Jewish education to new heights 


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