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Times and Locations

Our Local and Remote Locations


We offer Hebrew School and Bar/Bat Mitzva Club both locally for the community in Willowdale as well as remote locations.


1. The Willowdale Hebrew School and Bat Mitzva Club take place in our Centre at 5700 Yonge St unit G1, on Sunday Mornings between 11:00am-1pm. Bar Mitzva Club will take place on one of the weekday nights.

The Space is beautiful, large and clean with multiple rooms and spaces for the children to have the ability to learn with a clear head.

JRCC of Willowdale

2. The 'Remote' Hebrew Schools will serve areas in the far east, west and south ends of the City - which are too far to travel from to our Willowdale Location - with smaller communities. We will come to a designated spot in the area with the JRCC On Wheels and hold classes inside the Mobile Truck!

To Sign-Up for either of these locations please go to 'Registration'.

If you would like us to come to your neighborhood - let us know Here!

jrcc on wheels.jpg

The JRCC On Wheels Giant Mobile.
It will be an Awesome Class Room!

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