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High Holidays 5782 | 2021

We will be holding our Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services in the party room at 5430 Yonge St.

You can find the schedule of the prayers on the bottom of the page.


For more info, reach out to Rabbi Yisroel


The price per seat is $100 and $80 for seniors over 65.

If you would like a subsidy, please reach out to rabbi Yisroel or our social services coordinator,
Mrs. raya feiner, at 416.222.7105 Ext. 293

Rosh Hashana Prayers schedule:

Monday, Sep. 6


Tuesday, Sep. 7

9:00am Morning prayers
11:30am Shofar blowing
1:30pm Tashlich
7:30 Evening prayers

Wednesday, Sep. 8

9:00am prayers begin
11:30am Shofar blowing

Yom Kippur
Prayers schedule:

Wednesday, Sep. 15


Thursday, Sep. 16

9:00am prayers begin
12:00pm Yizkor

5:00pm Mincha
6:00pm Neilah

8:00pm Shofar blowing

How would you like to pay?
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Looking forward to seeing you on Rosh Hashana!
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